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Incorporating access into a plasterboard ceiling has traditionally been achieved by the ceiling contractors fabricating an on-site solution.


Ace have developed an extensive range of 'off-the-shelf' access panels. Various door and edge bead finishes are available depending upon the client's aesthetic requirements.





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Ace have developed a range of access panels compatible within concealed and exposed grid ceilings.

While access to an exposed grid ceiling can be achieved by lifting and removing a tile, multiple tiles may need to be removed to gain larger access for maintaining equipment such as Fan Coil Units, Air Ducting Services etc.




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Where circular features such as light fittings, speakers and air diffusers are prominent within a ceiling, a circular access panel would be more in keeping aesthetically.

Ace have developed two types of circular access panels with either a twist-out or hinged door mechanism that can be used in plasterboard ceilings. They can be specified with a combination of door finishes (flush metal or recessed to accept plasterboard) together with either a flush flange or a beaded edge frame.




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Ace have developed a vertical mounted higned access panel enabling various materials to be inserted, i.e. ceramic tiles, granite, limestone or plasterboard.




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Ace Ceiling Products are recognised as one of the leading Design-Manufacturers of bespoke ceilings in the United Kingdom.

Ace's speciality is working together with architects, designers and contractors to achieve the concept required. Using latest CAD design and manufacturing technology and with our depth of knowledge and expertise within the ceiling industry, Ace can offer the complete service from concept to completion.





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Ace's corridor ceiling system provides continuous access along corridors, spanning from wall to wall without intermediate support or the need for support from the soffit alone.

Each panel is independantly removable without the use of extraction tools or keys. It's primary use is for areas where a high volume of services in the above void are in need of regular service.



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